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Hearing Aid Types
Read about the various Hearing Aid Types available....
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New to Hearing Aids?
We can help you join in the conversation again just like before ....
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Already Have Hearing Aids?
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Hearing Aid Prices
Save up to 50% compared to high street prices on all leading brands.....
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The Very Latest Hearing Aids in Edinburgh and Across Scotland

If someone you know is having hearing difficulties...

 Their typical thought process will be:

  • I hear fine, It's just that people mumble; they don't speak clearly any more.
  • It's the noisy places where I have trouble hearing... I'll just avoid those places and I'll be OK.
  • I hear what I need to hear. I'll just ask them to repeat.

Help them regain their hearing by contacting us , reading more or taking a hearing self check.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers...

We provide ALL hearing aids by the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers including:

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It is worth noting that we have no ties to any of the above manufacturers, as such we are to free to choose from the latest digital hearing aids in Scotland from every manufacturer to provide you with the best solution. We offer our unique "try before you buy service" on all the hearing aids we provide. Please call us on FREEPHONE 0800 774 7003 for an informal chat about your experiences.

Hearing Aid Types...

We provide all hearing aid types including BTE, ITE, CIC, RIC / RITE, CROS, BICROS and the new Resound Linx.

Hearing Aid Prices...

Our hearing aid prices are highly competitive and when compared on a like- for- like basis (ie same make and model) are significantly less than the high street hearing aid retailers with savings of up to £4000 possible. Click here for prices.